Spinners! The Joy of Sensory Spinning

Spinners! The Joy of Sensory Spinning

Spinning… ‘To rotate rapidly or whirl in a swift motion.

How often as kids did we spin around until we could barely stand? Although we may have been told off a few too many times, there is a great sensory benefit to doing so! Ok, maybe not ourselves, but objects!

There are an incredible amount of benefits for your child when playing with spinning sensory toys & items. It helps to refine a toddler’s fine motor skills, and for older children - a chance to discover how an item or toy works. It expands children’s ability to pay attention and focus, as it helps to develop both sides of the brain (creativity and logic!). Spinning toys, including the incredible SpinAgain sensory toy for all ages 3+ (plus many more coming soon to our sensory toy section!), are a huge helping hand in relieving stress, anxiety and general worries in children.

But most importantly… It’s fun!

To the Moon and Back’s selection of spinning toys are perfect for little hands and a great gift for all children ages 3+. They can also be the perfect fidget toy for children with Autism or Asperger’s. To the Moon and Back’s selection of sensory items comes recommended by Snap Charity, which support those with special needs throughout Essex!

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